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Being a ServiceNow leader can be a tough job.

There's a ton of things that you need to know.

And a ton more that you're expected to do.

How many of the challenges

below sound like your own?

Do you still only know of ServiceNow as an IT ticketing tool, but your industry peers are doing full Enterprise Service Management?


Do you find it difficult to know what to look for when recruiting people to be part of your ServiceNow team?


Are you lacking clarity on how ServiceNow can help your organization reduce it's total cost of operations?


Are you unsure if you can meet your CEO's business objectives with ServiceNow? Or those of your CIO, CHRO, CXO, or CISO?


Do you have stacks of ServiceNow product documents, ebooks, white papers, and preso packs, but no idea which ones are useful?


Do you struggle to keep up with what the new ServiceNow capabilities are every 30, 60, 90, 180 days?


Don't know how to take on the sequence and management of self-implementing ServiceNow solutions?


Unsure if one year after Go Live whether you'll have met your business case ROIs for selecting ServiceNow solutions?


Confused and perplexed by the multiple models and units of ServiceNow packaging and licensing?


'AI Washing' a concern for you, that the hype won't transfer into true productivity and cost benefits?


Do you simply have so many responsibilities, activities, and other systems under your management that you don't have time to address any of the above?


If you said "yes" to any of

these challenges, we have

the solution for you!

Leadership Development Program for ServiceNow® Platform Owners

Unlock your potential with the Leadership Development Program for ServiceNow Platform Owners, designed specifically for aspiring and current business technology professionals who need to know all things about ServiceNow, including and in addition to product information – business, commercial, value, implementation, support, trends, governance, and more. This transformative program provides a unique combination of fundamental product knowledge, coverage of the latest platform and AI technologies, orientation to the expanded ecosystem of information and resources, and essential leadership skills to drive success in the rapidly advancing landscape of the ServiceNow Now Platform®.

Participants in the Leadership Development Program will gain experience with the latest products, technologies, and capabilities of the Now Platform, while also strengthening strategic thinking, effective communication, and problem-solving skills. Our curriculum, developed by experts from across many domains, ensures that participates are equipped to lead diverse teams, make impactful decisions, and drive digital transformation.

Join us and connect with a network of ServiceNow leadership peers from across multiple industries, each participating to prepare themselves for the challenges and opportunities of Cloud leadership. Whether you are looking to advance in your current role or pivot into a ServiceNow leadership position, our leadership program offers the tools and insights you need to succeed.

So, after exploring the program details and frequently asked questions, seize the opportunity to become a leader that is driving the future of the digital business world – join us today!


Have you been looking for a leadership training program that will boost your ServiceNow game at your company? Well, look no further! Our 50-module program is tailor-made for technology professionals like you. It's a one-stop source of knowledge for product insights, licensing review, training guidance, and implementation strategies. Plus, you'll get the inside advantage on making smart decisions, setting up solid governance, and staying ahead of the curve with the latest industry trends.

Our unique narrative program is the perfect combination of comprehensive ServiceNow information and leadership development, with a dash of witty storytelling added in for fun. Certainly something you won't find anywhere else. Ready to lead charge? Then join us!


As a technology leader, knowing where information is located is frequently more essential than knowing the information itself; no one can retain everything!

We have assembled for easy access a web library of all available ServiceNow documents and resources, categorized by product and solution type. This library is regularly updated with new materials as they are published so that you have the latest information at your fingertips, and is referred to frequently throughout the content of the Leadership Development Program, where we guide you on selecting the most suitable resources for your specific needs and situations.


Don’t miss your chance to elevate your career with our Leadership Development Program for ServiceNow!

Whether you’re seeking to enhance your professional skills, expand your network, or step confidently into a ServiceNow leadership role, our program offers the knowledge, tools and support you need to succeed! Take the first step today towards transforming your potential into results!

Our leadership program is all about answering questions. While we publish the program curriculum in the documented outline, we recognize that new questions will inevitably arise. Some questions will be for topics we've yet to cover, and others will be concerning recently made updates or releases about products, services, and (or) announcements.

Our program ensures that you're always supported when there is something you want to ask about. We host weekly live stream sessions featuring our subject matter experts, where you can engage in discussions about the 'topics-of-the-week' or bring up any ServiceNow-related questions you might have. These sessions are done with the global audience in mind, so there's a selection of times offered to catch you when the sun is shining on your part of the world.

All live stream sessions are recorded and published to the program portal for on-demand viewing by participants who are unable to attend scheduled session times.


A huge highlight of our program is the dynamic and engaging way we deliver content. We're a very illustrative team of experts, and we embrace AI in an 'all-in' mindset.

At the forefront of innovation, the Leadership Development Program harnesses the latest in AI technologies to redefine the educational experience. Our content isn't just presented; it's brought to life by AI Avatars, ensuring flawless execution in every delivery. This isn't just about being on-trend - it's backed by research data that confirms avatars significantly boost learning engagement and knowledge retention. Plus, let's face it, it's an incredibly cool and fun approach to learning! Join us for an experience where cutting-edge tech meets immersive education to get you better and faster results.

Get ready to step into the spotlight because in our program, it's all about YOU!

Subscription to the Leadership Development Program includes personalized one-on-one consulting for the companies of program participants. The process begins with a learning engagement to understand your specific objectives, interests, and any problems you might be facing. Following this, ongoing consulting support is provided through the program website, email, and live stream sessions, ensuring continuous assistance and guidance tailored to your needs.

The consulting aspect of our program is designed to be engaging and responsive, encompassing two crucial elements that support and enhance your leadership journey.

Subscription Status: As the program curriculum is published, we strive to inform you of what you do and don't have available to you in your current ServiceNow subscription, and how you can track and manage that information either independently or with a ServiceNow Impact service, so that as a dutiful leader you are making the most out of your company's investment.


Future Planning Roadmap: We'll work with you throughout the program curriculum to develop a tailored roadmap that aligns with your business objectives, culminating in the final Roadmap and Futures modules of the program. This strategic element focuses on longer-term adoption of capabilities that your company does not have in its current ServiceNow subscription. It acts as your future blueprint for success, adaptable to your evolving needs and the dynamic business environment.

By integrating these two elements with the program delivery, our consulting capability not only supports your current status but also prepare you for future challenges, making sure you are always moving forward in your leadership journey.


The core curriculum of the Leadership Development Program is designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge transfer of all things about ServiceNow. In addition to the core material, there is always further information that just cannot be fit into the main program. So, we also provide a rich array of supplemental content designed to enhance understanding and facilitate further information and resource links for topics.


Supplemental material can include case studies, tutorial guides, third-party presentations, example script code, and external lectures on industry subjects, all curated to complement the core curriculum and enrich the learning experience of program participants.


These resources are made available through a variety of formats – some will be as additional learning courses, some will be file downloads in the community groups, and some will be additional pages to the reference library.


The supplemental material ensures that whether you are looking to solidify your grasp of the basics or expand your knowledge with advanced information, the Leadership Development Program is equipped to meet your needs!


The value of having experts create educational content cannot be overstated. When subject matter experts are involved, they bring a depth of understanding and practical experience that is critical for not only learning itself but also for the practical application of that learned knowledge. Our team of experts know the challenges and questions that you’re going to encounter as ServiceNow leaders, and so have designed our program content with a proactive perspective in mind.


The Leadership Development Program is distinguished by the expertise of our content team, who bring not only many years of experience individually but together have decades of combined industry knowledge and experience. The team possess a deep, hands-on understanding that goes far beyond surface demonstrations. Their expertise spans a comprehensive range of practical areas that include business consulting, pre-sales engineering, systems implementation, post-implementation support, and product troubleshooting. Furthermore, their expertise is not limited to only ServiceNow solutions; they have worked with multiple vendor products, and so have a broad perspective of the real-world ecosystem that you work in. This rich background enables them to create and update content that is insightful and widely applicable, offering knowledge that is directly transferable to participant


We have incorporated community and forums capabilities into the program site, directly aligned to the leadership program’s outline of modules, to offer the significant value of fostering an interactive learning environment where you as a program participant can engage with your peers, making learning more enjoyable and less isolating. This collaborative capability allows for participants to ask questions, share insights, and offer solutions, creating a dynamic knowledge exchange. Such interaction not only further enhances understanding and retention of the program content but also helps in building a network of professional contacts.


Our focus on community does not end at the boundary of our own site though. We have also incorporated the presence of the Leadership Development Program into well-known professional sites, such as LinkedIn and YouTube and the usual social media portals, so that you can contribute to discussions, gain diverse perspectives, and discover innovative approaches to challenges using whichever location of the web you favour.


Overall, we view the use of communities and forums as a crucial component of empowering program participants to deepen their learning experience and develop skills that are crucial for leaders working in the collaborative nature of today’s professional environments.


While the Leadership Development Program currently offers an outstanding set of benefits, from the experts-created comprehensive curriculum and multiple channels of community engagement to the personalised consulting and weekly live event sessions, the excitement won’t be ending there!


Throughout 2024 we will be continually working to enhance the benefits of program participation, and already have a few more innovative capabilities in the pipe for availability soon. Participants and prospective learners should keep an eye on our community channels for announcements of when those become available. Keeping in line with our mission of enriching the learning experience, expanding professional networks and opportunities, and providing you even greater support in becoming the best leader you can possibly be, we are certain that you will be thrilled with these capabilities to come!

Follow the Join Now! link below when you are ready to begin participating in the Leadership Development Program to supercharge your future as a leader of the ServiceNow® Now Platform!


"Everything that I need to know,       all in one place!"

I hope you'll join me in this program.

As a participant in the Leadership Development Program for ServiceNow Platform Owners, you’ll secure the knowledge, skills, and competencies to drive digital transformation on one of the most impactful cloud platforms in the industry. You’ll be leveraging the aggregation of many years of frequently asked questions and practical experiences, and numerous courses, documents, papers, guides, and videos. Plus, the sharing of lessons for team leaders, and a curated collection of business school and director governance insights for leaders in the modern AI era!

Get ready to embark on a unique and creative journey that will unlock fantastic career leadership opportunities for you!

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